Our machines can turn 100 kilos of plastic into roughly 90 liters of the fuels we use today, but ours are cleaner and greener, and directly help to destroy the profits of the oil and gas business which has been burning our planet.

All of our fabulous Beetle machines are:

  • Mobile: Compact, containerized and transportable.
  • High-Volume: Up to 800kg of plastic per day. Cheaper than using a diesel generator to create electricity.
  • Safe: Reduced emissions, digital off-site monitoring, reliable service contracts.
  • Effcient: 85-95% of plastic mass converted into usable energy in the form of electricity, fuels and heat.
  • Useful: Cleans up plastic pollution, produces liquid fuels and even gas for use in generator applications, or use the heat for drinking water remediation.
  • Self Powered: Perfect for off-grid operations and for powering small microgrids, especially where electricity is hard to access, fuel is expensive and plastic is plentiful.
  • Carbon Neutral: All our emissions are 100% guaranteed-removed from the atmosphere.

The goal of our team of dedicated Beetle herders is to completely eliminate plastic pollution, transitioning both our business and the communities where we operate to 100% renewable energy by 2035.

The Beetle Difference

Beetles are fully monitored off-site by our highly trained staff who can help drive better efficiencies or share rolling upgrades to our processing software.

Beetles are affordable and come with maintenance and service plans.

As we develop, so do our clients, who enjoy all our new R&D when we upgrade their systems under our service contract.

Beetles are use-adapted, and can operate off-grid on remote beaches, on ships or in fixed recycling settings.

Our small, efficient design allows clients to run our Beetles together for greater impact and down-time redundancy. For example, five machines together can process more than three tons of plastic waste per day, so if one machine is down for routine maintenance, the other four can keep running.

Our machines are “plonkable”, they arrive in a shipping container and are ready to operate within hours or days of delivery.

Beetles drive job creation and alleviate energy poverty in some of the most remote areas of the world.