Can I buy one?
Commercially available in 2022. Today we are working with qualified pilot partners in different regions and deployment environments. If you would like to be notified when you can buy a commercial machine or enquire about becoming a pilot partner, please send us an enquiry.

Are these the only plastic to energy machines in the world?
They are not, but we are very confident these machines cost much less than available competing machines, with greater effciency as well as being more flexible and agile.

Do you export them anywhere?
We have already deployed a machine onto the Plastic Odyssey ship in 2021 and we hope to have at least three other locations up and running before the end of the year. During 2022, we are aiming to sell and deploy machines for commercial pilots in at least three different areas of the world. We expect this to expand quite rapidly through distributors, so look for global machine delivery in 2022.

Isn’t burning plastic bad?
We aren’t burning plastic, but changing it into a gas in a contained oxygen-free environment. This means the process itself is emission free, and that the gasses don’t escape, however there are emissions from burning the fuel we create to heat the system, which are directly offset through our carbon partnerships. Pyrolysis is similar to an alcohol distillation unit refining whiskey from a mash, if the gasses leak you lose your valuable single-malt. Our system wastes nothing, with the gas either being re-condensed into usable fuels, or fed directly into a generator to create electricity.

Are there dangerous emissions?
We do not burn plastic. We use an emission free process heating plastic in a sealed container and distilling it back into fuel which we offset through verified carbon capture or reduction projects. Considering the carbon offset created from not needing to mine and transport normal fossil fuels from one end of the globe to the other, our fuels offer a lower-carbon alternative between 25 to 72% less carbon emissions from regular fuel. We ensure that all the CO2 produced from running a Beetle or burning any of the fuel we make is accounted for and neutralized, providing an end-of-life solution for waste plastic and creating carbon neutral energy at the same time.

Is it safe?
Our machine is operating below 1 bar of pressure (14 psi) and thus falls below thresholds that would require new permitting in most jurisdictions or generate serious safety concerns. The system is more like running a large commercial gas or diesel electrical generator. The system is a heat driven process, but it is digitally controlled with built in safety redundancies that are over-engineered for safety by experts with over 20 years of experience in the energy, transport and defence industries.