Unlike other projects which seek to enable the global oil and gas business by offering to clean up their plastic garbage, we seek to defund the oil industry by offering communities the chance to use plastic pollution to de-carbonize their energy future through a number of exciting pathways. These include utilizing waste plastic

energy to fund small-scale solar grids, bankrupting local oil markets by undercutting them using cleaner and cheaper fuels, and financially motivating plastic cleanups to cover the costs of supplying power and energy for schools, medical facilities and other essential services in remote locations.

Current Solutions Don’t Work:
Plastic is bulky, toxic and does not biodegrade. Without destruction it becomes a persistent pollutant that degrades into even more toxic substances over time.

Recycling – 80% of plastic is not recyclable at all. It is sent to landfill, incinerated or dumped in the ocean.

Landfill – Running out of space worldwide.

Incineration – Hazardous unless done in expensive, specialized facilities.

Bans on single-use plastics will take years to implement and will address less than half of the annual waste plastic globally, but we do support them.

Beetles shift the economics of energy away from big corporations and into the hands of local communities. 

Current plastic to energy plants are enormous, expensive and rare. Transporting plastic long distances is simply not economical from an energy or financial perspective. Our solution miniaturized these ungainly and uneconomic systems, making the process much more efficient by taking the machines to where the plastic problem is most acute. 

We envisage an army of our Beetle machines around the globe, disrupting oil companies’ profits in the generator market, while helping roll-out the renewable energy solutions of the future by linking our micro-grid solutions to solar, wave and wind power once the plastic problem is solved an our plastic munching machines roll on to new locations.