We help clean up the global plastic pollution problem.

To do that we have a company with a difference.

  • Our machines are fully monitored off-site by our highly trained staff who can help drive better efficiencies or share rolling upgrades to our processing software.
  • Our machines come with maintenance and service plans.
  • As we develop so do our clients, who enjoy all our new R&D when we upgrade their systems under our service contract.
  • Our machines are use-adapted, and can operate off-grid on remote beaches, on ships or in fixed industrial settings.
  • Our small, efficient design allows clients to link machines together for greater impact and down-time redundancy. For example, five machines together can process more than three tons of plastic waste per day, so if one machine is down for routine maintenance, the other four can keep running.
  • Our technology can be moved to where the plastic is, reducing or eliminating plastic-transport costs.
  • Our machines are “plonkable”, they arrive in a shipping container and are ready to operate within hours or days of delivery.
  • Beyond cleaning plastic out of the environment, our technology is driving job creation in the poorest areas of the world.
  • We are creating global access to this technology by rolling out machine production, service and maintenance partners worldwide.