Our highly efficient pyrolysis system turns your plastic problem into an energy-positive solution by changing single-use plastics into energy.

We specialize in the research and development of small-scale, mobile and highly efficient plastic pyrolysis units.  Our patent-pending solution is a marriage between a 100 years of pyrolysis research, engineering, high quality manufacturing and the latest  in computer controlled automation. Easy to operate and remotely monitored, we create the most efficient and versatile plastic-to-energy machines in the world. 

  • Small, efficient and mobile, our machines can be moved to where the plastic is a problem – instead of shipping plastic to a central large machine.
  • Process a single batch of 120 kilograms or a continuous feed up to 600Kg per day, depending on plastic type and grain size. If you need more volume, just add machines and link them together.
  • Process almost all plastics except for PVC, making them some of the most versatile in the world.
  • We can create electricity in places that don’t have it by turning a plastic problem into an electricity or energy solution.
  • There are millions of tons of plastic being dumped in landfills around the world. Our machines save landfill costs, and generate revenue from valuable energy offsets.