Meet the team

Jeffrey Barbee

Co-Founder and CEO with over 20 years of experience researching renewable energy and applied technology around the world for The Guardian, PBS and The New York Times.

Ana Alecia Lyman

Social Impact Advisor. Global development professional with 12 years of experience creating sustainable small-scale environmental economies.

Pierre Pretorius

Director of R&D and Co-founder with 36 years of experience in engineering with technical inventions in automated farming, pyrolysis, gasification and refining.

Mike Jervis

Manufacturing Director and Co-founder. 15 years experience in specialist manufacturing for the regional security industry with Advanced Armour.

David Terblanche

Head of Business Development and Co-founder. 15 years experience incubating and developing finance strategies for small businesses in emerging markets with Deloitte, Standard Bank and other companies.

Simon Davis

Chief Commercial Officer and Co-Founder, with over 20 years of business start-up experience in NYC, Geneva, London and Johannesburg.

Dr. Julia Hasty

Senior Technical Advisor with a doctorate in Materials Science Engineering and over 17 years of experience working in the global pyrolysis and renewable energy industry.